5 Ways of Improving our Content Promotion Strategy

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Content promotion and marketing is very relevant to the progress of any SEO program. It goes beyond merely developing a section of content and waiting for things to take their natural cause. It is logical to broadcast your contents on the various social media, emails, etc, but there are also other avenues that can increase the exposure of your contents to the outside world. The following are 5 ways to do just that.

The first strategy is to find people who can help project your contents on relevant sites. As far as content marketers are concerned, BuzzSumo would do justice to this. All the most popular contents on a specific topic can be found on BuzzSumo, as well as the right people who can have an immense influence in ensuring that your contents derive all the popularity that it deserves.

Depending on your contents, BuzzSumo will give you a list of all the most popular articles that relate to your contents. Once you hit on the View Sharers button, you will be able to know the influencers who contributed to the popularity of the articles. All you need to do is to contact those influencers and ask for their help to popularise your contents.

Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to create your specific Google Alerts, especially if you have developed a blog post that is very edifying. In this case, Google Alert will make sure that you are up to date on any chance to promote your contents via emails to your inbox.

The only task is to find the particular networks where people have consistently being asking questions relevant to your blog post. Two notable networks are Quorra and Reddit, and they will make sure you always are at the right place to promote your contents.
Make sure that you set an alert system that will be tasked to look for new questions pertaining to your post on Quorra and Reddit, and Google Alert will do just that for you.

Another strategy is to make proper use of Twitter in your quest to promote your contents. This is because most people resort to their Twitter audience with questions they believe their audience can find answers to. You can use the prominent Twitter search strings and incorporate an IFTTT to ensure that you will always receive an email whenever a search commensurate with your post.

Moreover, you also have to make sure that an RSS feed is created on all of your contents, so that your contents can be compiled using a plugin. This process is straight forward to people who write on more than one blog, and have a WordPress website. The most important thing is to get the RSS feed of all the sites you usually comment on.

Finally, it is essential to use the social sharing platforms that will ensure a proper analysis of your contents. Platforms like Oktopost, will ensure that your contents are well promoted on various social platforms.

It will ensure proper analysis of your blog posts as well as updates on the various social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), and will also give you a breakdown of the contribution of each social media to your network promotion.

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  1. Firoz Khan says:

    Content promotion strategy is very common in the field of SEO. They give a better way to promote ant domain in the world of internet.

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