Gaming on Smartphones Cannot be Compared to that on a PC

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March 14, 2015
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The huge popularity of smartphones is currently making online gaming more mobile than it previously used to be. In fact, the issue with smartphones surpasses just its use in online games, as smartphones can easily be used to read and send emails, take photos and surf the internet. But despite all these functionalities, it is without doubt that online gaming is the most popular activity on today’s smartphones. No wonder seasoned PC gamers are now seriously advocating for the incorporation of their preferred PC games on smartphones as well.

This is largely due to the fact that with the smartphones, all you need to do is to connect the game to a large screen and a keyboard and then begin your gaming experience. But the truth is, no matter how fascinating online gaming on smartphones can be, they cannot be compared with the experience you will get on the PC. This is basically because of a host of factors that are enumerated below.

Screen sizes are key, strategic and fundamental as far as a memorable gaming experience is concerned. Even though smartphones are easier to look at and more mobile, their small screen sizes become a huge challenge with respect to the playing of games. This is showcased in the fact that notwithstanding the fun that can be derived from playing an adventure or a sports game, it cannot be as immersive and real as when played on a PC.

Smartphones are not gaming devices because of the tiny nature of the screens, which makes it increasingly difficult to notice all the tangible details. One might think that the remedy to this problem is the use of high resolution screens, but that is factually not the case. Even with these screens, the size of each pixel is so small that one would have to zoom several times to be able to make up all the appropriate details.


Furthermore, smartphones are noted to have lack of power, contrary to PCs, which are more or less constantly supplied with power. Therefore, even if you can make out the details on your smartphone, it will be very slow to play the game because there will not be enough power to increase the speed of the game.

Tentatively, the graphics on smartphones are not as advanced as those found on the PCs because of the slow processors that have been embedded in smartphones.

Lastly, the battery life of PCs is incomparable to that of smartphones. Games can be consistently played on a PC for several hours before the battery runs out. Try a similar thing on your smartphone and you will realise that you can only play for a few hours before the battery runs out.

Even though it is possible for smartphones to be more powerful than PCs, they cannot be ahead of PCs in terms of battery life, power and performance. Hence, PCs will ultimately run superior above smartphones as far as gaming is concerned.

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