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July 27, 2016
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Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO is the beginning of a company’s total web marketing stratagem. It has to be customized according to the specific necessities of the industry. Having said this, I continued to work on for a couple of weeks to jot down the procedure for determining the right kind of right SEO Consultant, in order to reap benefits out of your business and also to get a worldwide visibility.

Chart out your goals
Begin with a brainstorming session with your team to reflect on your requirements and how do you want to go about it, while functioning with a firm that handles SEO. It’s always a great idea to conduct an audit to ensure that the best practices are being followed. Train the content builders and marketers to work swiftly and thereby enable active promotion of the site. There are many circumstances in which the SEO will know your requirements better than your own self, in such situations to make the best out of both realms, combine goals from both sides and start working actively to achieve them.

Bring out a connect by networking
SEO bloggers, parallel business owners, friends and well-wishers whom you know well and trust are the right people who can assist you in choosing the best SEO suited to your needs. Share a little information about your goals and projects to your networking circle, so that it will give them a fair idea of your requirements. Inform them about your actual needs like looking out a freelancer or an SEO company as such. Network with them and start noting down the most trustworthy and reputed SEO’s based on their recommendations. But the irony is, sometimes earnest SEO’s fail to get a mention.

Ensure right advice from the right people
If you have a business of your own and you’re keenly looking out for an SEO company, make sure you are well informed at least about the basics of social media marketing companies and their functioning before opting for their services. Continue to become SEO savvy by making yourself popular to SEO forums, blogs and websites. Also, connect personally with the people you respect. SEO’s are amazingly friendly and it is easy to start a relationship by enquiring about SEO companies or consultants. The expert advice offered at such blogs and forums can go a long way in providing useful insights required to choose the right SEO.

Listen to their accomplishments
The first time when you approach an SEO, make sure your whereabouts, needs and requirements are communicated to them correctly. Then begin your conversation who are motivated and willing to be a part of your promotion agenda. The second phase of communication should reveal your trust towards the SEO vendor, but how do you trust them. This is where their success stories come into play. Ask them about their achievements as SEO firms in a way that should display their know-hows put into use.

Schedule a meeting
A personal meeting would be the best choice any day, however, emails and telephonic calls are other relatively good options. A personal meeting provides you with a real sense of who are your partners. A highly influential and intellectual SEO leader gets your business by an impressive conviction but later when he passes the job to a junior workforce things begin to differ. Make sure the entire SEO team is competent enough to handle challenges. During the meeting establish a good rapport. Make sure if you gel well together because some SEO’s may really seem brilliant but both of you might not gel well together. In such cases, the projects continue to suffer. So, it’s always better to work with people whom we like and gel together rather than working with people whom we cannot get along with. When you work with a close association there cannot be a letdown intentionally and unintentionally.

Getting a few samples done
Many times SEO companies and consultants do not officially work before the signing of a contract. However, it is imperative for us to get an idea so as how do they deal with contents. Get the SEO’s to talk by giving them an example situation. Ask for their strategies or mode of action when confronted with an issue. This has to be followed with every new SEO strategy through a duplicate content or issue. This is another way to build trust in the intellectual ability of an SEO which also gives us an insight into their course of action and work based relationship down the lane.

Opt for more than two informal proposals
As a rule of thumb, never stop with a single quote from one particular vendor even if you are certain to utilize them. As a best practice, obtain multiple quotes from more than two to three vendors as they indicate pricing differences. Pricing becomes unwary as it is subjected to fluctuation too often in the SEO world. Though SEO’s seem to be the leading priced services within the market it actually isn’t so. There exists a friendly competition which results in under pricing. But make sure that you don’t go by pricing as the only criteria to choose an SEO. These days’ quality is never guaranteed through pricing.

Proceed with your instincts
Chart out a comparison matrix consisting of price, service, repute and productivity as the factors for comparison. Then proceed to shortlist the best ones. Make sure to proceed only when you have arrived at the right choice. After making your final decision, get some legal authorities to get a closer look to review the contract. Sometimes sensible people are enough to get this job done. Continue to proceed with your new team, the higher the confidence on them, the brighter the results produced.

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