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September 13, 2016
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Salesforce, established in the year 1999 in an apartment at San Francisco flourished to become a category leader in the field of customer relationship management. Salesforce training in Chennai are pioneers for transmitting cloud computation in customer relationship management. Salesforce in terms of revenue through cloud customer relationship management, gaining customers and user subscriptions continue to possess the highest market share and offer a tough competition to other vendors in the same arena. You can find more information at

The transition of Salesforce has been steady right through their developmental stages. By being the best among the breed of Salesforce automation software their transition towards being an eminent service provider has been astounding. And today they have further transformed into an application development platform and function as a service providing company.

An in-depth analysis of Salesforce products
Salesforce continues to perform their best in their core strengths such as Salesforce automation software and customer relationship management software. Simultaneously they have also obtained a colossal amount of non-customer relationship management software users through their complimentary solutions. Their admiring range of social customer relationship management tools like Chatter, Radian6 and Buddy Media are being utilized on a wide scale.

Salesforce platform development tools such as and and their online network of cohesive third party solutions called AppExchange continue to perform best amidst tough competition from its competitors. Salesforce categorizes its solutions into several cloud suites that include Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and Analytics Platform. They are primarily based on providing various applications and services.

Sales cloud that most remarkably comprises the Salesforce automation module, the first product of the company endures to contribute the maximum revenue. The Salesforce automation software functions similar to other cloud customer relationship management products. Amidst having lesser features than its counterparts, Salesforce automation software remains highly competitive in the congested market owing to its simple features coupled with a fulfilling user experience.

The application user interface of Salesforce automation software is easy and direct to implement. It is also renowned for being instinctive offering varied inbuilt features, thus Salesforce automation software influences various consumer technologies. Its user interface has been innovatively designed in order to satisfy customers. The success of Salesforce and its products are well established owing to the fact that many of the customer relationship management competitors imitate the user experience offered by Salesforce. However, only a very few have been successful in exactly imitating the user experience.


Salesforce automation software also encompasses a traditional account management, opportunity management, contact and activity management, in sync with simple marketing campaign management and marketing automation features. It also features account segmentation, target list generation, lead source tracking and packaged reports generation as a part of marketing campaign management. On the other hand, marketing automation features higher order sophistication in lead management. The various high-end attributes of marketing automation include digital prospect tracking, lead scoring, progressive profiling and marketing analytics. Several Salesforce clients use the marketing automation features of Salesforce automation software owing to its greater lead management and marketing abilities. Salesforce certified cloud consultants excel in handling this software and benefit the user in an overall manner. The various benefits are seen at

on between brand owners and indirect channels. This platform offers a higher brand management performance and its visibility is enhanced in the direct and indirect channels. Partner relationship management encompasses an everyday process support for lead distribution, deal registration, content sharing, data tracking in terms of partner attribute and partner portals.

Partner relationship management offers consistency in the regular process as well as in the fields of automation and information. Providing partner relationship management through the cloud has enabled the removal of various resources and staff to connect with the brand providers. This has resulted in saving a huge sum of money. Thus, the partner relationship management offered by Salesforce preferably suit the various partners involved in a business.

The service cloud provided by the Salesforce emphasizes on customer service delivery. It is formulated around customary case management processes. The key support features of service cloud include live chat, knowledge base, customer portal and online communities. The service cloud also avails industry’s best social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to translate various posts and comments into cases. Thus, the service cloud allows the incorporation of a social media element into their website to enable more communication options between the customers and vendors.

The service cloud is ideally suited for business to business contacts as it reduces the need for human resources to communicate. The service cloud offers varied, up to the minute, less expensive channels to promote self-service. Use of Radian6 enhances social monitoring and offers automated social client engagement. The social media tools offered by Salesforce work in synergy and hence remain similar to core applications. Salesforce merges social media to core applications in order to avail a unified user experience thereby avoiding complexity.

Salesforce also provides an array of mobile applications on customer relationship management such as Chatter Mobile, Mobile Lite and Salesforce Mobile for the Sales Cloud as well as the Service Cloud which performs varied functions. Chatter mobile exhibits chatter feeds that are self-subscribed whereas mobile lite allows inspection of accounts and service records. The mobile applications are highly effective and are well formulated.

Salesforce training in Chennai provides an immense exposure towards handling the various cloud tools suited to the respective domain. Salesforce has also embraced an HTML5 application to support cross-platform adaptability. Salesforce with its development of newer technological tools based on the requirements of the user has widened the horizons of customer service.

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