Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Expectant Mothers

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All About Barber Chairs – The Functional, The Durable, The Stylish chiropractic adjustments, chiropractic treatment, back pain relief, portland chiropractor, portland chiropractic clinic More and more pregnant women arrange chiropractic adjustments to provide back pain relief; however, this is only one of the many benefits of prenatal chiropractic treatment.

Here’s a look at some of the other ways chiropractic care helps expecting mothers:

  1. Balance out new weight distribution. As her uterus expands outward during pregnancy, a new mother’s center of gravity moves forward, shifting her overall posture. These changes increase pressure on the pelvis and the spine, especially the lumbar and thoracic vertebrae. By improving the functioning of the nervous system, chiropractic treatment empowers the mother’s body to respond more effectively to the new weight distribution paradigm.
  2. Offset the relaxin hormone. The hormone relaxin is released during pregnancy to relax ligaments and muscles. Although the resulting malleability creates a softer environment for the growing baby, relaxin also has a downside: It increases the chances that the mother’s joints will become misaligned. Chiropractic adjustments offset relaxin release by bringing the mother’s joints back into alignment.
  3. Prevent intrauterine constraint. As the fetus grows, ligaments around the pelvis must provide increased support to the uterus. These ligaments often determine how much space the baby has to move in utero. If pelvic ligaments supply symmetrical support, the baby will have more room to roam. Asymmetrical support from the ligaments will limit the available space in the uterus and can lead to intrauterine constraint. Intrauterine constraint occurs when the developing baby’s typical movements are limited. Long-lasting neuromuscular challenges and growth defects can occur due to intrauterine constraint. Moreover, this condition increases the chances that the baby will be in the posterior or breeched position, making labor more painful and dangerous. In this sense, chiropractic adjustments reduce the probability that a Caesarian section will be required during delivery. During pregnancy, chiropractic treatment improves the alignment of important pelvic ligaments, thereby decreasing the likelihood of intrauterine constraint, birth defects and painful delivery.
  4. Relieve spinal subluxation. Regardless of whether a person is pregnant, chiropractic adjustments alleviate or completely rectify spinal subluxation. Subluxation happens when the spinal vertebrae move out of position, increasing pressure on nearby spinal nerves. This added pressure causes nerves to malfunction. Why does this matter? Because the nervous system is your body’s major communication pathway for messages from the brain. Think about the nervous system as the body’s main coordinator. Maximum health comes about when the nervous system can effectively connect with every cell in the body. Subluxation limits the nervous system’s functioning. For pregnant women, subluxation causes additional pain and stress by limiting nervous system performance. A happy, stress-free, pain-free mother is more likely to give birth to a healthy, happy child. In this way, removing subluxation is critical for pregnant women. Chiropractic adjustments are the most effective way to eliminate spinal subluxation.
  5. Low back pain relief. The majority of expectant mothers suffer low back pain, usually due to the shifting biomechanics described earlier. A chiropractor provides spinal manipulations to improve overall spinal alignment, which often brings back pain relief. Chiropractic treatment can safely be conducted throughout pregnancy. Regular chiropractic adjustments help relieve back pain, enhance nervous system performance, offset natal hormone distribution and prevent intrauterine constraint. The health of both mother and child can be improved through regular visits to a chiropractic clinic. Share and Enjoy: Topics:latest health news | Comments Off Comments are closed.

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