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August 17, 2019
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February 12, 2021

Women can do it ourselves.” Yikes, asking for sympathy was not going to get the problem fixed. Perhaps the main problem was the email was malfunctioning, but the bigger issue was lack of confidence in my ability to figure out a solution. I know and teach in parenting classes all over the country, that every situation has at least 5 solutions. So how come my first solution was to whine and think myself with out power to find answers? Scarlett O’Hara or How to Manipulate the Masses Mick Monroe commented on your status: “is that you scarlet? ha ha are you originally from the south…love a line I heard by a brilliant women who knew how important it was to make people around her feel needed….claiming she needed help with something (turning one hand up and one hand down – outstretched in front of her ) she claimed had two left hands – and couldn’t manage it – the man seeing both thumbs pointing in the same direction – believed her – and built the house or whatever it was she was motivating him to accomplish….something like that…real women are brilliant” Thanks Mick, real women are brilliant and can figure it out. So here are my 5 solutions to the problem.

Keep whining and hope it goes awayCall a friend who uses the same program (Outlook Express) and ask for suggestions.Google the specifics and see what comes up.Try getting rid of some of the 6,000 emails in my in box and see if that makes the Outlook Express run better.Hire the ten year old kid across the street to teach me how to make the computer run smoother. Whatever I decide to do, whining does not make it better or more effective, nor does it make me, the whiner, more effective and a better person. Guess I had better take my own advice and think of five solutions and learn to solve problems and challenges with imagination and ingenuity rather than giving up so easily. If you would like to build your confidence and increase your ability to solve problems easily, please go to You will be so glad you did. You will find the steps and solutions to many of the communication situations in relationships.

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