About Us

For far too long, women have been ignored for their male counterparts. This has led to seclusion and ignorance in many women. Through Celissas Blog we aim to fill this void, this lack of knowledge and this absence of community. The blog’s objective is to provide every lady out there constant updates on:

  • The career options they have – both when they are starting out a career and after taking a hiatus to rear a child.
  • The lifestyle choices they can make and the alternatives they have.
  • How to stay in touch with fashion during and after pregnancy.

We have specially chosen these three topics to build a community around because we believe they are the fundamental pillars. A career, a child, and the choices a woman makes in both create her identity. And the people behind Celissas Blog want to help and support this journey. We want every female to be confident. To make a mark on this world no matter what her choices be.

The path of this blog was created when a young woman found herself looking in the mirror one morning and not liking what she saw. After having the first child, she never went back to being a woman. She lost her identity in those of others. She then began to make lifestyle alterations slowly. She started looking for a job and searched for comfortable clothing that could do double duty. It was the lack of information on the same that made her start writing and sharing her knowledge with other moms out there!