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December 30, 2017
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December 30, 2017

The ‘go’ signals

When the ‘go’ signals flash about us, we believe that we,women are capable of doing the extraordinary for the job. All we need is the feel that we are capable. Once it sets in, its hard to look back and sit quietly. They constantly carry the kids in them. Behind all the guilt, there is a completely warm, precious and quality time spent with the kids.

Career women traits at work

  • Include their heart also into the work
  • Multitask
  • Stress and physical exhaustion tolerance
  • Being empathic beings, they do good team working

Careers and career choices

Unless a mother likes her career or the line or work, it will be impossible to draw strength and productivity into the job. It needs to be practically reasonable and inspirational. After kids, career choices can make or break women.

  • Partimes could be manageable
  • You could visit career change consultants
  • Attend to the capabilities that shine bright inside you
  • Several career information websites are available
  • Career services could be solicited

Career women and mother challenges

  • Guilt due to being away from dependent kids
  • Meeting career and family responsibilities at the same time
  • Separation anxiety
  • Insufficient time for self care
  • Grandmother responsibilities
  • Unsuitable baby sitters
  • Lack of guidance in the career field

Mother tips

  • Socialize and share troubles off.
  • It is healthy to find more friends for children during playtime.
  • You are doing the best possible. Avoid guilt that drains out the energy
  • Children and grandchildren understand your love
  • It is not a crime to want the cake and eat it too. You could try both.


Women careers running in parallel with her kids are a great challenge. Career changes and choices could be made with several supporting lines in career areas. Excellent career support choices are a click far away.

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