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December 30, 2017
Reaching your dream body- be healthy stay fit
December 30, 2017

To this question, women and men throw the ball in each other’s court.
What does a man set his eyes on first about a woman?

  1. Eyes and the surrounding skin
  2. The skin of the face-Supple or not?
  3. The level and range of cosmetics on the face
  4. Dressing-totally reading the style of a woman
  5. Level of importance given to him is understood with the efforts to look good
  6. Cosmetics and utilities may tell him the classic side of the woman
  7. Fitness and body kept

Never too costly

It is never too costly to invest in important items for the health of your skin. Bear this in mind always. Most will not care beyond that dull and less healthy face.

Simple home remedies

Though going natural it feels pure and true, the skin, facing several kinds of effects through climate or other things needs care. Simple ways:

  • A healthy soak in the tub of skin benefitting natural components
  • Oil massage on the skin
  • Drinking much water
  • Washing off the excess oils that naturally occur in the skin
  • Keeping hair care and skin care as separate as possible

Men will be men

Men are naturally designed to be attracted to beauty. Inner beauty is only discovered and considered late after the front face has given a clue on that. But men are adrenalin creatures that want excitement. A little jingle, a little shine on the skin and the lips, a little style and fashion on the hair and dressing never killed anyone. Keep the man excited for you.

What makes a woman stand apart in the crowd?

  • Fashionable and modest clothes according to the occasion
  • Character
  • Behaviour with a good look
  • Self-care and body care
  • Skin care

Supplements for men

  • Smart and clean outfits
  • Body care
  • Gentleman looks
  • Aftershaves
  • Hair grooming


Beauty, fashion, body fitness and self-grooming with a slight polish never harmed but helped much.

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