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December 30, 2017
Travelling Fitness and Health
December 30, 2017

Naturally and originally staying young, healthy and fit needs discipline and tireless efforts.

  • Water up yourself
    • Water fills in for the unnecessary cravings for food
    • Water detoxifies the body from health inhibitors
    • The amount goes as per your weight.
    • Drinking 8 glasses a day is a recommended one
  • Exercise
    • Do warm-ups initially
    • Repeat a set of fast and slow exercises for easy breaking down of calories
    • Comfort yourself with walks to compensate
    • Eg., race and then walk for yourself
  • Sugars
    • A minimal amount of sugar is commendable for energy
    • Breakfast like pancakes, cereals, sweet bread etc., mean a subtle amount of sugar in the body.
    • Insulin levels should remain normal in the blood but sugar results in an increase in the need for insulin in the body.
  • Fibers and proteins
    • Proteins are necessary for the body. eg., Eggs, dairy products, meats, dry fruits etc.,
    • Fibers are healthy for burning up and excreting the fat out of the body.Eg.grains etc.,
  • Train the Muscles
    • The body needs muscle support for a long-term
    • Muscle exercises bring down fat
    • 40-50 minutes of muscling up could be done twice or thrice each week
  • Multivitamin in the body
    • Fishes for omega 3 fatty acids add up to the body to ward off several diseases due to the deficiencies.(2000-3000 mg)
    • Fruits, vegetables, and supplements for feeding the needed vitamins in the body is vital.
  • Wild salmon fish from Alaska can feed the necessary amount of omega-3 fatty acids without the fear of mercury in it.
  • Fast fatty foods, packaged foods, and fried foods are a major health concern these days. Be cautious on the components included
  • Be a mindful eater about the calories going into the body. Don’t eat till you feel satiated or full.
  • Meditating and stretching
    • Keeps the body from becoming rigid
    • A 20-minute stretching of the body is very wholesome to keep flexible and youthful.

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