10 Lifestyle Choices For Every Working Mom

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November 19, 2016
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The working mom lifestyle is very different from others. Just like every Mother Lifestyle is unique. This short article focuses on ten things every mummy who works should follow. If you ask why, then consider this. Every big decision you take, every great trip you make requires exhaustive preparation. Being a working mother is not much different from that. You will have a few hours a day just to be a parent, and it will matter a lot on how you use them.

  • Not every night has to be a parent night. Adult time with your husband or family or friends is crucial. It acts as the fuel that drives your car for the rest of the week. So once a week, go on a date night.
  • Creating a network with other mothers will be a life savior. Have at least two moms you can connect to for each child you have. When you miss out on a school project, you can call a mother in the same grade and get help.
  • Have strict schedule. When you know who is arriving at what time and when they leave, it will make for a more seamless experience for you. This applies both at home and for work.
  • Don’t become too complacent of your babysitter. Be vigilant enough to spot her faults or errors. A great way to do so is to come home early, randomly, one day and see how things work when you are not at home.
  • For mothers who work part-time or have a more flexible schedule, the essential point is to set your daily hours. If you don’t, then chances are half the day will be spent recreating your program. To say time, have a rough plan and stick to it every day.
  • All errands should be done when commuting from home to school or home to office and vice versa. Holding to the Golden Triangle – home, office, and school will do wonders for your free time. From grocery shopping to visiting the dentist, every chore should be completed within it.
  • The entire week should be planned ahead. From who is dropping the kids to school to who will cook the meals on which day. A managed week will save you time and reduce any chances of conflict. All this should be done on a Sunday.
  • Technology is a great way to connect and an equally high deterrent to relationships. Thus, create a set time when the entire family disconnects from technology and just spends time with each other. A fundamental way to manage professional and home life is to schedule your schedule around the school calendar. Hence, when the calendar is sent by the school, start planning your days around it. This will make sure you don’t skip any parent-teacher conference or school play by mistake.
  • The last lifestyle decision every mom should make, working or not, is to be unapologetic. Your choices are just that – yours and you need not say sorry to the world for them.

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