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Is there anybody who does not like to spend the day in luxury and be pampered with exotic treatments at a spa? Probably not. There are different kinds of services available at spas like a massage, a body wrap, facial, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy and even color baths to cater to your every mood. Most of the best spas in Chennai offer these services at competitive prices. A day at a spa helps you to relax and forget all the stress that accumulates in your daily day to day life. A first-time visit to a spa can be quite cumbersome unless one has someone to guide them through the whole process.

Some of the things to keep in mind while you get ready for a spa visit are:

Be ready to be open minded.
Several treatments are designed to be therapeutic. They tend to loosen your muscles and get you in an open and relaxed state of mind.

Watch what you eat
It is always a good idea not to have a heavy breakfast or lunch before you head to the spa. Experts recommend staying away from alcohol as well just before a spa visit. A full tummy makes it difficult for you to relax and enjoy the treatments or to get comfortable. Try to have a light snack instead, snack on some fruits at the spa to bring up your blood sugar after a treatment.

Clean Up
It is considered good manners to take a shower before a massage. It also helps to open up your muscles. It is better to enquire at the spa whether to shave or not as some treatments tend to irritate your skin after a shave.

Stretch your body
Some light stretching exercises are recommended by experts before a massage to help loosen up your muscle. It is very beneficial especially if you tend to carry around heavy bags on your shoulder.

Relax and be comfortable
Most people tend to be nervous about a massage. Spa resorts offer a robe as well privacy for you to change before a massage. Only once in your comfortably relaxed on the massage table and covered with a towel does the spa masseuse enter the room. At any point of the massage, only the part of your body getting the massage remains unveiled preserving your modesty at all times.

Be Vocal
If you feel any discomfort at any time of the treatment you need to immediately voice your feelings. Based on your preference the massage therapist can complete the treatment and leave you completely relaxed and serene.

Take it Easy
After a day at the spa, make sure you do not do anything too strenuous or lift any heavy objects. This may cause you to feel slightly dizzy or lightheaded.

Ultimately a spa visit is to pamper yourself and feel rejuvenated by the end of the day. Try not to get too hung up on the dos and don’ts and enjoy the attention and the serenity the treatment offers you at the spa.

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