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November 19, 2016

Before chasing out for a right fit-out partner there are a few analytically important points which have to be considered. The foremost point is about the company’s skills and competencies. The company should be big in stature with enough resources to make them potential enough to tackle technical challenges. Next feature is about the performance of the interior companies in Qatar. They should be able to perform extremely well by sticking on to the time and budget in a real life situation. Finally, the company chosen should be genuine and live up to its standards.

Chart out the requirements
It is important to define the requirements in precise terms. The expectations should be brought out without any ambiguity. Decide on whether it is going to be a small renovation of the current building or is it going to be a brand new redesign of the building. The size of the place which has to be altered plays a vital role. Deciding on factors like requirements for plumbing, air conditioning, telecoms will save out on a lot of time as provisions could be made earlier. Such decisions also remove uncertainty. Once all prerequisites are kept handy it enables an easy hunt for the right fit-out partner.

Begin a small research
It is time to bring out a long checklist if there are no previous experiences. Beginning from the scratch with no concrete idea about whom to approach, a quick web search will jot down innumerable fit-out companies that operate within the required locality. The company’s websites would give an outlook about their expertise and competencies. It is mandatory to review and compare their claims. Looking for the client feedback are vital to providing a right opinion about their caliber. If the list of fit-out companies continues to grow bigger, shortlist the best six companies based on your requirements and then get into a deeper study. After that go ahead to choose the best.

Think from varied perspective
Before pitching on to different companies make sure to evaluate the contestants from all possible dimensions. There are many important factors to be considered for the right evaluation process. The interview board or the steering committee must be talented and experienced enough to consider the potential of the contenders. They should be able to put forth questions on all aspects of the work concerned. It encompasses planning and designing, cost factors, deadlines, information technology requirements, infrastructural changes, project administration and its impact on everyday business. In the case of lack of expertise in the basic know-hows a third party consultant advice would enable the right selection process.

Assessing the Aptitude
Every fit-out company that comes for a business bid brings along a pitch team. This pitch team will provide a right outlook about the company and its way of organization. Most usually the team encompasses a project leader, senior grade designer, and a pre-construction manager. But only certain companies send along trained experts like information technology specialists apart from the usual team to elucidate the technical facets of the project. Such potential teams work together to bring out remarkable representations of their ideas in 3D visuals and video formats. Such presentations, in turn, make you work deeper to question the feasibility of the project in practice.

partnerContinue to ask further important questions like will the same pitch team contribute in carrying out the project, have they worked together as a team previously, will they use freelancers at any phase, if so what are the services that are outsourced. Also, queries like their involvement in other businesses alongside, adhering to timeframes, sticking on to budgets and offering samples of their completed projects has to be brought out in an open discussion. Such questions help about in choosing a right fit-out company. Do not be hasty in making the right choice. An easy win for a distinguished contender might make them complacent. A company that works hard for the business continue to value it throughout.

Remain attentive
A lot of finance will be involved even for the smallest office fit-out, so make sure the investment is going into safe hands. Check out for the financial stability of the company that is going to be chosen. Do not go by anybody’s words; a personal check is mandatory. Make an inquiry about the company’s turnover and cash reserve. Identify their potential to support the dimensions of the project. Look into their credit worth features and their negotiation capabilities for various resources. Also conduct a check on the availability of insurance features like employers’ liability insurance, risk insurance, and product liability insurance.

A probe on their health and safety record gives an insight into the various quality related principles associated with them. Also, make sure if the work is going to be carried out in an eco-friendly format so that your green credentials will not be affected. Make them agree to a financial penalty in case of delayed completion of the project. So remaining attentive to all these points make sure your investment lies in the right interior fit out companies in Qatar.

Look out for authorizations
Before recruitment of a fit-out company make sure to see their quality of performance in other projects. The pitch presentation should encompass photographs of accomplished projects and quotes from clients. Have a bird’s eye to details like repeat clients, high profile clients, awards and nominations for their previous projects, recognized accreditations like ISO 9001:2000 for quality management and BREEAM® for eco-compliance.

Sign up a precise contract
After making a thorough check on the various factors summed up, step ahead to choose the right fit-out company. Make sure to document all expectations together with a time limit and budget for completion. And here comes the time to sign a new contract.

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