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Becoming a mother means that one more thing demands your attention and time. Managing a house, a career and motherhood can get harrowing. It is why things like exercise and fitness take a backseat, which leads to deterioration of the mother’s health. So how does one jump the hurdles of working mom life and find time to exercise? Here are some hacks that any woman can follow.

  • Re-imagine the way workout time looks. While before becoming a mother you could spend hours in a gym, it cannot be done now. Setting up an extended period dedicated to Women Fitness is just not feasible. Be creative how you pencil in exercise time. Playtime, naptime, and mealtime of children mean you have shorter spurts of free periods. Utilise these. Instead of working out for 60 mins, think of a workout regime that lasts for 10 minutes only.

A ten to fifteen-minute break where you do something active will be as effective as working out for an hour. The only trick is to work out for ten minutes every day. The effect you see will be similar to an hour long regime once per week. Jump rope for ten minutes or do parts of your favorite work out when there is time, anything that can be squeezed in a small interval works.

  • Another Mother Fitness hack, if filling free gaps with exercise is not possible or not enough is to work out with your kids. When you make it a family thing, you get to spend time with your children, bond more and work on your health. If your children are still small, then think of long strolls in the park or short power walk sessions with them.  A simple tip that might help a lot of new mothers out there is to schedule your exercise time. When you plan the workout like you do your work -meetings and swimming practice, then you make time for it. It becomes just another task that needs to be completed.
  • Women Health is not only related to exercise. Eating healthy and right plays an equally important role. But with a busy schedule, it becomes hard to plan healthy meals. It is easier to cook stuff like chicken nuggets and other finger food, things that children will happily eat.  A better way is to make a healthy eating habit for the entire family. Make salads or anything that you want to eat. A child will learn and adjust to having the food that is put in front of them. Furthermore, this habit will expose them to healthy meals at a young age.

A tip here would be to make healthy meals in large batches. Try cooking during the weekend so that you don’t need to spend time during busy weekdays in the kitchen. When you make dinner, make extra so that it can be used as a lunch for the coming day. Keep sliced veggies and fruits in your fridge; it will save you time while cooking and make you less lazy to prepare healthy meals.

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